Games And Activities To Enjoy On Hen Party Nights

Hen nights should always be fun and enjoyable. You should always make an effort to keep your guests happy; that is where the Hens night activities come in. Picking the right kind of activities to do during the night is very important since the last thing you want to experience is a boring Hen night.

There are many activities you can engage in and have your night fun and memorable. The most common activities during these nights are playing games and dares. One of the games that people play during these nights is the drinking variety. All you have to do is get into a club and play games on who can take the most drinks or the bitterest ones without making faces.

It is very important however to be careful when playing these drinking games. You don’t want to get too drunk before the night is over and you also don’t want to get arrested for drunk driving. Many people usually have someone to watch over them and see that they don’t misbehave. That particular person doesn’t drink and is the one that is usually given the task of driving the party goers around.

Another common activity in Hen nights is challenges and dares. There are many ways in which you can go about dares and challenges. Many people usually play a game and those that lose are dared. You could choose to give them low risk dares such as walking to someone in the club and asking for a kiss or high risk dares like having them walk over to a married couple and asking them about their sex life. The reason they are called high risk dares is because they are usually consequential.

Other hen night ideas may include having pole dancing parties or even remaining indoors and having a really loud party. The idea of these kinds of parties is to have the most fun and be the loudest.

One of the best ways to make a hen night wonderful is to be creative. Most people prefer being random and doing whatever comes their way after they’ve gone out. You could try walking into a club with your friends and do some karaoke if the club has one or you could hop into different clubs and make sure that you do crazy things in everyone that you enter.

Another idea of a hen party is making sure that you party till you drop. This does not mean that you get too drunk during the first 4 hours of your night. It simply means that you have the most fun out making sure that you stay awake throughout the night. It is important to be responsible and watch over each other during the whole thing. Make sure that you always know the whereabouts of your mates and since there might be a bit of drinking during the night, make sure that all your friends are safe. This will give you the chance to talk about the night the day that follows without anybody complaining.