Dares and Games

There are many ways in which one can characterize Hens party games. It does not matter who the guest is, these games will always be fun. They are usually loud but will always brighten everybody’s evening. These games come in many forms and having a list of them can make sure that you not only have fun but also have something to do throughout the night.

So just what games are there?

There are many games that you and your family or friends can play during these nights out or sleep over days, which are all guaranteed to have you laughing till you drop. One of the most common games is the drinking games. Many people go for this game so that they can get themselves in the partying mood. It is however important that you don’t get yourself too drunk before the night is over and you should always take alcohol responsibly. Drinking games are sure to get you and your friends partying and you will surely have something to talk about the following day.


Karaoke is another way of breathing life to the party. Some people do not consider hen night full without karaoke. Here you get to showcase your singing abilities and have fun listening to those who can and cannot sing. There are many clubs that offer karaoke and hoping into one could just be what your hen night has been missing.

Dares and Challenges

Dares and challenges are other games that a hen night should never miss. This is one of the best ways to get everyone in the party involved as it can land on anybody. You can decide to use the ones that you see on television or you could make up your own hen nights dares. Either way you are guaranteed to have fun and make everyone happy.

There are a few forms of hen night dares that any one can use in their hen nights. There is low risk and high risk hen night dares. Low risk dares are pretty safe to do and will usually leave the victim embarrassed. An example of a low risk dare is having them sing an embarrassing song that you have chosen for them or make them walk out of the toilet with their skirts tucked in their pants. The reason they are called low risk dares is because you actually trust the persons that are giving you the dares.

On the other hand, high risk dares are a bit extreme. You could have the victim walk to a guy and ask them for a kiss making sure they are single so that there are no controversies with their girl/boyfriends. One of the most risky dares known to hen nights is calling the mother of the groom while screaming hysterically and tell them that you have cancelled the wedding for some stupid reason. The reason they are called high risk dares is because they can cause you a lot of trouble but they are still pretty fun to play.